A film clip produced, directed & edited by Nadia Townsend and Ruby Challenger.

girls in pool

Ruby Challenger and I met when she worked as the costume designer on my first short film BRAWL and I recently worked as dramaturg on her directorial debut DAILY BREAD.  BRIGHTER by MONIKER is our first project together as co-directors.  MONIKER is an emerging electro outfit who kindly let us run with the concept of making a film clip with synchronised swim team – The Emeralds.

DOP Vanna Seang.

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Images by Kwa Nugyen



For the last couple of years I’ve been working on a project called Kasey is Missing, an initiative of Information and Cultural Exchange (I.C.E) and Nepean Community Neighbourhood services – a project that has been an ongoing and long time engagement with the community and has became a beautiful web series about a young girl who’s friend goes missing and no one seems to notice or care.  


The series was created by bringing together a group of film makers and developing scripts with the community through workshops and improvisation.  As we explore the possibility of a second series we made a trip to Wellington NSW – the second oldest settlement west of the Blue Mountains, Wiradjuri country. The home of Aunty Mary, who plays Aunty Mary in the series – a warm, strong and caring character, a rock for the community and the only person who seems to hear the concerns about Kasey’s absence.  Following Aunty Mary’s lead we explored her home country and ran 3 days of workshops in association with Wellington Information and Neighbourhood services.  


Meeting the youngsters of the region and working with Aunty Mary and Information and Cultural Exchange crew was a highlight of my year.  Wellington is an enchanting place with a heavy history – We are currently seeking funding for the continued development of the series throughout 2017.





Wrap on Brock

Filming on Endemol Shine’s production for Network Ten – Brock has wrapped.  A bio pic about racing car champion Peter Brock – king of the mountain.  I was brought on to the project as Dramaturg, working with the marvellous director Geoff Bennet (Power Games, Love Child) and a tremendous cast of favourites Matthew Le Nevez as Brock, Ella Scott Lynch as Bev Brock, Natalie Bassingthwaite as Julie Bamford and Kirsty Lee Allen as Michelled Downs, Brocks 2nd wife.

We spent a couple of weeks in the rehearsal room sweating it out, the shoot was as fun as it was difficult – the cars were antique originals and although beautifully restored often had their own agenda, choosing when to move and how.

I also had the joy of donning a wig and playing Pauline Moffat, the wife of Brocks arch rival Allan Moffat played by Brendan Cowell.

Out west with the steam rising off the ashfelt and the gut rumbling rev of a V8 engine, it was hard to deny how much I heart muscle cars.

hardie forodo image

The Team Is Back Together

In 2013 I teamed up with my old pal director Eddy Bell working as Dramaturg on his short film Grey Bull.  I travelled out to rural Victoria and spent two weeks freezing my ass off, eating way too many vanilla slices and making a film with the enthusiastic community of Nathalia, a South Sudanese family who were at the centre of the story, a great crew of seasoned professionals and a few moody bulls (like real bulls with horns).  The film went on to win ADG Best Short, FLICKERFEST Best Short, MIFF Best Short, St Kilda and Sydney Film Festival to name a few.

The Director/Dramaturg team are back together and we’re about to head into our next adventure which may have a cow in it just for old times sake – I’M RAYMOND begins filming this week.  With Leon Ford, Alison Bell, Geraldine Hakewill and introducing young Frederick Holahan-Cantwell.

eddy on a bull

Director Eddy Bell


grey bullGrey Bull


Kasey Is Missing

Kasey Is Missing a community engagement project I worked on in association with ICE (Information & Cultural Exchange) a happening organisation that funds, supports and connects various emerging and professional artists from a spectrum of disciplines.  Situated in the heart of Parramatta.

This 5 part web series is the result of several years of collaboration with Nepean Community and Neighbourhood Services (NCNS). From story development to performance workshops to several weeks of shooting and hours of editing, this process allowed us to collect local stories over several years and developed them with the community into a narrative.

While it is fiction, the story and performances align themselves closely to the truth. The performer’s are not acting, they are being. Very little dialogue was written and this keeps the verbal exchanges honest and more authentic. The result is a beautiful observational piece exploring the joys and pains of being young.

And heres a review from Margaret Pomeranz movie review show Screen….



ready for this

READY FOR THIS completed filming this week.  It’s the latest from Blackfella Films (Redfern Now) & Werner Film Productions (Dance Academy).

Set in inner city Sydney, it follows five Indigenous teens who have come to the city to explore their dreams.


I had the great privilege of working on Ready For This as Dramaturg. I got to work with the ensemble of young actors for a 4 week intensive prior to the shoot with continued rehearsals throughout.

Directors: Daina Reid, Adrian Wills and Tony Krawits.

Will be aired on ABC3 later this year.