I started my work as an actress after returning from Atlantic Theatre Co in NYC back in 98′.  True and False by David Mamet was all the rage at the time and a group of us had trekked States side to find out more about Practical Aesthetics.  For a while I got obsessed with Mamet’s ideas and came back to Sydney to set up my first theatre co.  Wolf Whistle.  Since then I’ve had several incarnations of theatre companies including Magnolia Productions (co-created with Krew Boylan) and now Turtle Lab (co-created with Sapidah Kian and Paola Unger).

I got my first TV gig with Ben Gannon on a show called Headstart where I met Nico Lathouris, Dramaturg.  Who has been my mentor ever since.  We’ve worked together for the last decade and more recently as a Dramaturgy team on George Millers last two projects Mad Max 4 and Justice League.

Since then I’ve worked between the independent stage and the world of Film and TV.

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