Dramaturgy for film and television 

I specialise in designing a rehearsal process for screen projects which focuses on creating a strong ensemble, embodying the script and creating a safe and rigorous workspace.

Working in close collaboration with the director and needs of the production tailored to ensure everyone lands best foot forward saving precious time on set.

I’ve developed a process which works across a spectrum of people – from all types of cultural backgrounds, body abilities, ages and languages, from award winning actors to people with no acting experience at all.

Past work includes, MAD MAX Fury Road, Little Monsters, GoKarts, Hardball, Love Child, Brock, Blue Murder: Killer Cop – for full resume – IMDB


  • Relaxation
  • Character relationships
  • Key scene exploration – what is the essential nature of whats going on, what needs to get done, whats the shape of it.
  • Behaviour is where character is revealed
  • Embodying of story

Geoff Bennett – director – Brock, Love Child, Secret Daughter

My experiences with Nadia as a dramaturg have been no less than inspiring. She has the ability to gain the actors trust moments after meeting them. Her work is fast, immediate and intense.

She knows how to encourage actors to do the bravest and most intimate things on set without fear or sensure. She can focus actors to inhabit the fictional world of the script amidst the noise and chaos of a working set.

The performances Nadia produces are sincere, real, generous, without ego and in the moment. Having Nadia on set means the actors are always focused, prepared and ready to jump into the unknown. They work faster and their performances are connected, imaginative, surprising and powerful.

Nadia’s objective is to create living performances that honour the script, are respectful to the production and serve the directors vision. She is a true collaborator.

Nadia knows the language of the actor, she is the actor whisperer. She is an absolute gift to any director. If I could, I would have her work by my side on every production I take on.

Connor Van Vuuren – director- Soulmates, Bondi Hipsters

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nadia, both as an actor and as a director.

She has an infectious passion for drama and on multiple occasions I’ve seen her vigorous work lead to cathartic discoveries of character.

As a director, she made my job so much easier I would love to do every project with her on board. Hers is a process of real quality – You can sense the years of passionate research behind it. She quickly gains the trust of the actors, and her methods are efficient, effective, and highly respectful of the writer, director and the production.

I’ve seen her build an intimate physical connection, kind of like a history of touch, between two actors in a few moments before a love scene.

Each time I’ve worked with her as an actor, she’s helped me to deliver connected performances with real depth and resonance. 


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