Kasey Is Missing

Kasey Is Missing a community engagement project I worked on in association with ICE (Information & Cultural Exchange) a happening organisation that funds, supports and connects various emerging and professional artists from a spectrum of disciplines.  Situated in the heart of Parramatta.

This 5 part web series is the result of several years of collaboration with Nepean Community and Neighbourhood Services (NCNS). From story development to performance workshops to several weeks of shooting and hours of editing, this process allowed us to collect local stories over several years and developed them with the community into a narrative.

While it is fiction, the story and performances align themselves closely to the truth. The performer’s are not acting, they are being. Very little dialogue was written and this keeps the verbal exchanges honest and more authentic. The result is a beautiful observational piece exploring the joys and pains of being young.

And heres a review from Margaret Pomeranz movie review show Screen….



ready for this

READY FOR THIS completed filming this week.  It’s the latest from Blackfella Films (Redfern Now) & Werner Film Productions (Dance Academy).

Set in inner city Sydney, it follows five Indigenous teens who have come to the city to explore their dreams.


I had the great privilege of working on Ready For This as Dramaturg. I got to work with the ensemble of young actors for a 4 week intensive prior to the shoot with continued rehearsals throughout.

Directors: Daina Reid, Adrian Wills and Tony Krawits.

Will be aired on ABC3 later this year.

Restoration – 3 part, sci-fi series starts shooting at Docklands Studios Aug 4

By Don Groves – IF Magazine

Grant Cartwright, Nadia Townsend, Stephen Carracher and Rosie Lourde head the ensemble cast in Restoration, a 3-part,

restoration sci-fi series which is due to start shooting at Docklands Studios on August 4.

Cartwright (whose credits include MTC’s The Crucible and web series Death Star PR) will play Oliver Klein, who awakes to find his memories restored into a body that is not his own.

Townsend (City Homicide, Knowing) is cast as Emma Laws, a technician who works at Restoration Life Services, the facility which enables people to have their memories downloaded for back-up so when death happens, those memories can uploaded into a new body.

The Drowning Girls: Surfacing in February

Nadia is the co-artistic director of Turtle Lab, a Melbourne based theatre laboratory.
In 2011 Turtle Lab produced Ulrike Meinhof Sings, a one woman piece performed by Nadia and A Second of Pleasure directed by Paola Unger.
Tix have just gone on sale for their next production, an Australian premier…

The Drowning Girls: Surfacing in February 2012

Lungs filled with water, hearts seized with dread; not long married, too soon dead.

Drowning GirlsFebruary 9th – 26th, 2012 Northcote Town Hall

Tuesday – Saturday  8 pm, Saturday Matinees 2 pm, Sundays 7 pm

Written by Daniela Vlaskalic Directed by Paola Unger Cast Rachael Dyson-Macgregor, Zoe Ellerton-Ashley, Eloise Oxer Costume/ Set Design Kat Chan Lighting Design Lisa Mibus Sound Design Chris Wenn

Book tickets from January 10, 2012 online at www.northcotetownhall.com.au  or on the phone at (03) 9481 9500