Wrap on Brock

Filming on Endemol Shine’s production for Network Ten – Brock has wrapped.  A bio pic about racing car champion Peter Brock – king of the mountain.  I was brought on to the project as Dramaturg, working with the marvellous director Geoff Bennet (Power Games, Love Child) and a tremendous cast of favourites Matthew Le Nevez as Brock, Ella Scott Lynch as Bev Brock, Natalie Bassingthwaite as Julie Bamford and Kirsty Lee Allen as Michelled Downs, Brocks 2nd wife.

We spent a couple of weeks in the rehearsal room sweating it out, the shoot was as fun as it was difficult – the cars were antique originals and although beautifully restored often had their own agenda, choosing when to move and how.

I also had the joy of donning a wig and playing Pauline Moffat, the wife of Brocks arch rival Allan Moffat played by Brendan Cowell.

Out west with the steam rising off the ashfelt and the gut rumbling rev of a V8 engine, it was hard to deny how much I heart muscle cars.

hardie forodo image

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