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Playwright and Activist Eve Ensler, best known for her international phenomenon The Vagina Monologues and her prolific work with her organisation VDAY a global movement to end violence against women and girls and One Billion Rising.  A worldwide community of Vwomen and Vmen who promote the possibility of living with respect towards our fellow human beings.
Eve Ensler, a good friend of George Miller was brought out to Namibia in 2012 to work with some of the players during the pre production of Mad Max 4.  Where Nadia Townsend (Assistant Dramaturg) and the stunt men of Brawl had the good fortune to spend an evening with Eve and George Miller, sat in a circle on the floor of the Swakopmund town hall, listening intently to Eve speak of the possibilities of creating a world that didn’t operate with fear and destruction.

Eve Ensler, on Brawl

Eve Ensler, on Brawl

Nadia is attempting to dissect what is at the core of young men and their need to destroy in order to survive.  Particularly privileged men who’s survival is not being ‘threatened’.

In Namibia I was witness to the dramaturgical process that Nadia was leading this group of men through and it was terrifying to see how easily a united group of men could either be steered towards or away from violence.
One of the young stunt men said to me that night, ‘But that’s the way its always been.  Ever since the beginning of time there has been war and destruction as a mode of survival’… I explained to him, but it  doesn’t have to be.
Im excited by the work that Nadia and the Vmen of Brawl are doing and looking forward to seeing Brawl when its finished.
We would like to claim the gentlemen of Brawl to be avid supporters of the movement towards non-violence.  The V-Men of Brawl.



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